Spring brings great hopes of rejuvenation & renewal

As we emerge from a particularly dreadful winter, spring brings great hopes of rejuvenation, renewal, and lots of spring cleaning.  When it comes to your skin, the spring is a great time to revamp your skin care routine, start shedding off the winter and prepping for summer events.


The dryness of the winter has passed and other environmental factors, such as forced air ventilation, tend to lighten up in the Spring.  In terms of skincare, this is a great time to change up your moisturizer and to initiate or increase the strength/frequency of topical retinols or retinoids.  While heavier moisturizers are often needed in the winter months, they may feel too heavy on the skin as the weather warms.  In terms of emollients, ointments tend to be the most moisturizing followed by creams, then lotions.  Lotions often feel lighter on the skin and are more recommended in the Spring, however, if your winter skincare routine consists of ointments, it may be best to switch to a moisturizing cream to avoid dryness.  Spring is also a great time to initiate or increase the use of topical retinols or retinoids.  Topical retinols and retinoids help turn over the skin and treat everything from acne to discoloration to fine lines and wrinkles.  As always, talk to your dermatologist about the precautions and proper instructions for starting prescription strength retinoids.

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning and reorganizing during annual spring cleaning should include an inspection of your skincare products, both over the counter and prescription. All prescription products have an expiration date that is located on the tube or bottle and should be heeded.  This is also true for sunscreens and, if a sunscreen has expired, best to toss it out—it will be too late once you realize it doesn’t work!

As the heavier winter clothing makes way for a lighter wardrobe, it is also great time to examine the skin that has been covered up the past several months. I recommend looking for any new or changing moles or spots that do not tend to heal.  In the event a worrisome spot is discovered, make an appointment with a board certified dermatologist.


Spring is the prelude to the glorious summer months when many of us will be traveling, attending weddings, school and family reunions.  While some procedures provide nearly instantaneous results such as hyaluronic acid fillers and botulinum toxins, others can take months to see the full results.  If there is an upcoming event where you would like to look your best, start planning now.