Acne Treatment At Parasol Dermatology

Acne is often thought to be a skin condition only affecting teenagers, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, acne can affect patients well into adulthood. While some may attribute acne to diet or hygiene habits, there are often other causes. For example, excessive washing can result in worsened acne and irritated dry skin that is flaky and red. For patients who have spent a lifetime battling acne, Dr. Christina Bolante and the team at Parasol Dermatology can help.

How We Treat Acne At Parasol Dermatology

The specific treatments we provide depend primarily on the concerns that may be contributing to your acne. Most patients start by trying over-the-counter acne medications. When these products fail to address the problem, it’s time to see the team at Parasol Dermatology. With the help of our team, you’ll be able to take steps to:

  • Control your acne.
  • Prevent damage and scarring to the skin.
  • Reduce visibility of scars.

The severity of your acne, your age and what steps you are willing to take to address your acne will play a role in determining the proper course of treatment. It may be necessary to follow a dedicated regime of washing the affected area twice per day with a particular medication. This process can last for several weeks and may include oral and topical medications. If you’re pregnant, your choice of medications will be limited due to potential side effects for your unborn child.

As part of your treatment, you may be prescribed the following medications:

  • Retinoids and retinoid-adjacent drugs: Tretinoin and retinoic acids have been shown to have a positive effect on moderate acne. These treatments are available in lotions, creams and gels under Avita and Retin-A. This medication typically requires beginning with applying it three times per week before moving to a once-per-week application. It’s essential to avoid benzoyl peroxide while using these medications.
  • Antibiotics: Excess bacteria on your skin can produce inflammation and redness. Antibiotics act to eliminate these bacteria, helping to ease the symptoms.
  • Azelaic acid: These creams and gels have remarkable effects on patients who apply them twice per day. Azelaic acid is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women, making it an excellent option for expectant or new mothers. It comes with the benefit of being able to address minor discoloration from certain types of acne.

These are just a few of the medications that Dr. Bolante may prescribe to aid in treating your acne.

Contact Our Office To Get More Information

Scheduling a consultation with us is the first step to getting your acne under control. With the help of our team in Monterey, you’ll be able to reduce acne, have clear skin and boost your confidence. Don’t hesitate to get started; Dr. Christina Bolante is ready to help you achieve that smooth, healthy skin you’ve always wanted.

We look forward to being your home for dermatology care.