Cyst Treatment At Parasol Dermatology

Cysts are a common dermatological ailment found primarily on the scalp and trunk These closed sacs appear under the skin and are filled with some form of material. The contained material can be liquid, fat or other substances. Often they’ll be soft, but they can also be hard due to scarring and calcification.

In most cases, they can move freely, are painless and grow slowly. On occasion, however, a cyst may become tender and inflamed. Dr. Bolante at Parasol Dermatology provides options for removing or treating cysts.

How We Address Cysts For Our Patients

There are numerous bumps, lumps and cysts that can form on our skin. In most cases, these growths are harmless and cause no discomfort. When treatment for cysts is required, we provide three different approaches:

  • Steroids – administered by injection into the cyst, steroids help counteract inflammation.
  • Drainage – Releasing the fluid from the cyst can bring relief from reduced pressure.
  • Surgical Removal

A small portion of the most common forms of skin growths that we treat at Parasol Dermatology include:

  • Dermatofibromas: These types of growths form as nodules (firm bumps) deep under layers of skin. They are both common and harmless, and they frequently form following an injury to the area, even something as simple as a mosquito bite. As a result, these bumps most commonly form on the limbs and hands rather than on the torso. They’re often a dull red or pink when they occur, resembling a mole. Typically under a quarter of an inch in size, they can grow to be as large as an inch around. A dimple will often form when you pinch a dermatofibroma. If they become bothersome, Dr. Bolante can surgically remove them.
  • Epidermoid Cysts (Sebaceous Cysts): Like dermatofibromas, these cysts form deeper in the skin. In the majority of cases, they form as closed sacs filled with fluid or a solid mass of dead skin cells. If they rupture it can be significantly painful and the cyst will sometimes discharge pus. They can also become infected, forming something like a boil under the skin. Removal often involves minor surgery.
  • Lipomas: These harmless growths are fatty lumps that form between the skin and the muscle. They grow slowly and are easily noticeable to the touch. It’s common for them to appear in middle age, but they can grow at any age. While they can become uncomfortable or even painful, they are not associated with cancer.

The majority of these kinds of growths are harmless and won’t interfere with day-to-day activity. However, if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort—or just want peace of mind—Parasol Dermatology can help.

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