Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatments At Parasol Dermatology

For many, having a head full of beautiful hair is a point of pride and an important part of a positive self-image. In today’s society, it’s common for hair to be elaborately colored and styled. Many women see it as an important part of their femininity, while men often associate their hair with vitality and youth. Unfortunately, there are diseases and conditions that can lead to the loss of hair. Improperly caring for our hair has also been shown to lead to potential hair loss. At Parasol Dermatology, Dr. Bolante is here to help you address your hair loss concerns.

How Dermatology Can Aid In Keeping Your Hair

Dr. Bolante will start addressing your condition by evaluating your overall health. She’ll check for any existing health conditions that may impact the growth of your hair. This will include questions about your diet and what vitamins or medication you’re taking. Potential hormonal effects in women will be investigated by asking about menopause, pregnancy and menstrual cycles. A hair sample may be taken to be examined under a microscope. Dr. Bolante also may order a scalp biopsy or blood test to nail down your diagnosis depending on the findings. Understanding the core reason for your hair loss will help determine effective treatments.

Almost 90 percent of the hair on our heads is growing at any given time. Hair typically grows for periods of two to six years before entering a resting stage. The hair will rest for two to three months before being shed, being replaced with new hair in the same follicle. This means that finding up to 100 lost hairs each day is a normal part of this process. When you’re commonly seeing more than this, or your hair is not being replaced, it’s time to see Dr. Bolante.

Some common reasons you may be experiencing hair loss include:

  • Improper use of hair cosmetics: Chemical treatments may have an amazing immediate effect on your hair, but long-term results can be worrying. Straighteners, waves, tints, bleaches, and dyes can all impact the future health of your hair. It can weaken your hair, causing it to break, especially when overexposure to the chemicals used occurs.
  • Improper hairstyles: Hair that puts a significant amount of tension on the hair, such as braids and ponytails, can promote hair loss. It’s particularly common for associated hair loss to occur along the sides of the scalp. 
  • Hereditary hair loss: The most common culprit in hair loss is balding or thinning with a genetic factor. Hair loss can originate on either side of the family and is known as androgenetic alopecia. It can occur at any age and cannot be cured. However, certain medical treatments have proven effective for some patients.

Other potential causes of hair loss include childbirth, particularly in the two to three months following delivery. This form of hair loss is generally temporary. Other temporary causes of hair loss can include infection, flu or high fever.

Learn More About Your Hair Loss Treatment Options

Whatever the core cause of your hair loss, Dr. Bolante is available to help. Contact our office today for a consultation and exam.