Learn More About Treatment For Rashes

When raised or red spots appear on your skin, it could be because of a rash. Rashes often appear due to illness or allergies, and they come in many forms. Whether a rash is the result of lichen planus, lupus, infection, disease or just an everyday allergy, Parasol Dermatology is here to help. Dr. Bolante can help treat rashes in patients of all ages and help them find relief from symptoms.

Understanding Rashes and How Parasol Dermatology Can Help

Rashes are a common condition that can appear due to any number of health concerns and situations. They can be mildly irritating or become seriously painful and interfere with day-to-day activities. Some of the most common rashes we see and treat here at Parasol Dermatology include:

  • Heat rash: This type of rash occurs when sweat ducts or pores trap perspiration under the skin. Heat rashes take on many appearances, sometimes being deep red bumps and other times being gritty and clear. This type of rash often appears where clothing is tight or where the skin folds. Infants tend to develop this condition on their chest, shoulders and neck. Typically this kind of rash passes once you’ve cooled down.
  • Poison ivy: This type of rash occurs when you come into contact with poison sumac, poison oak or poison ivy. These plants all contain urushiol as an oily residue on their surfaces and roots. The best treatment for poison ivy is to wash your skin right away and then treat it with cool baths and lotions. Prescription medication may be necessary if it’s widespread or is affecting your genitals or face.
  • Diaper rash: This is a condition that appears as inflamed skin on your child’s bottom. It most often occurs when infants aren’t changed quickly enough or sit in wet diapers. Some babies are also just more prone to developing diaper rashes. Zinc-oxide is a typical treatment that is proven and effective. If this is ineffective, or the rash gets worse, come see Dr. Bolante.
  • Contact dermatitis: This type of rash appears for different reasons in different people. However, it typically occurs when an individual’s skin is sensitive to a particular substance. Keeping track of when the rash occurs and its severity can help pinpoint the triggering substance. It’s also possible to perform a patch test to check for reactivity.

The majority of rashes pose no risk to your life. These types of rashes can often be treated with antihistamines or hydrocortisone cream. However, there are times you need to see a licensed dermatologist to address your concerns. Symptoms that need immediate attention from a professional include:

  • You develop a full-body rash.
  • The rash is accompanied by a fever.
  • It appears suddenly and spreads rapidly.
  • The rash is painful or blistering.
  • It is infected and turning green or yellow.

When over-the-counter treatments prove insufficient or symptoms like these appear, it’s time to schedule an appointment at Parasol Dermatology.

Get Started Today By Scheduling A Consultation

Rashes may rarely be life-threatening, but they certainly are unpleasant. When they occur and persist for long periods of time or are a chronic condition that constantly returns, it’s time to seek help. Make an appointment with Dr. Bolante to get relief from your rash today.